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Dear Folks… Typical of my full line of self-written books, Dear  Folks…is engaging, candid, provocative, and will prove to be  especially helpful and insightful for those who served.

If you’re a vet thinking about diving into my Vietnam account, and you feel like you’re still burdened with post Vietnam anguish, please note that I make only a few number of references to the VA for help and support and just a single mention to one particular psycho wacko book which fulfills my obligation of guiding you to a source that might open your mind to alternative paths of thought which, in the field of anything, is always a good idea. I will caution you, however, that most of the psycho wackos out there, especially the females, never served their country in the military; they simply memorized all the textbook jargon no different than a skilled car salesman. Just remember, it’s because of your military experiences that, in many cases, puts you head and shoulders above the psycho wacko. Maybe it’s time for you to become the teacher, just as I have.

-Steve Horner – Author

Steve Horner’s memoir, Dear folks…has an immediacy and verisimilitude (impresses the reader as being truthful) lacking in other memoirs by other infantrymen. Very different, especially in format and honesty. Rough going at first until I got used to reading his handwriting (personal letters). Once I got past that, the experience was totally pleasurable, and I felt that I really got to know Steve Horner and his unique point of view on American warfare.

-David Wilson
Books in Review which runs in the VVA Veteran, the national
magazine of Vietnam Veterans of America

Steve Horner wants his PTSD

An insightful parody of today’s claim for post traumatic stress disorder which former Vietnam infantryman Steve Horner believes is abused by many. You’ll marvel at this one-take wonder cut in 107-degree heat.



Stories about Vietnam have been presented to you in all sorts of different forms: movies, books, and documentaries from almost the time the war officially ended in 1975. Now, Steve Horner the author provides you, the reader, a real-life Vietnam experience through the personal letters of Steve Horner the infantryman sent home from Vietnam in 1967-68 during the height of the war.

In the book Horner describes his different duties, mourns the loss of his friends, takes time out for fun, describes his battle-wound experiences during the Tet Offensive and how, unbeknown to him at the time, Horner and his infantry company were working side-by-side with the infamous Lieutenant Calley on a field operation during the time of the My Lai massacre which changed the popular sentiment of the war back home. Horner presents unique insight into how and why those horrid war-time events occurred and how and why so many people took sides for and against the war back home.

Horner’s book is a trip back through time when the infantryman’s field uniform was a mere shirt and pants instead of all the body armor worn by today’s soldier, and the only line of communication back home was through the U.S. Mail or an occasional short-wave radio call instead of today’s digital communication devices. The whole world was so different 50 years ago that you might even find it amusing to read in one of Horner’s letters of him asking why he hadn’t been informed that his family back home had finally gotten a color TV.

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Dear Folks… , Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of an Infantryman’s Personal, Unedited Letters Sent Home from Vietnam – 284 pages, 52.8 MB

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