The Unusual Frank White Man E-Book


Steve Horner’s docu-novel: After being murdered, talk-show agitator, Frank White, is granted one last earthly shot at attaining eternal salvation.



What happens after we die? Many of us have different beliefs; some  according to our religious faiths, some according to no faith at  all. Agitating, yet popular radio talk-show host, Frank Metz, has  discovered the real-life afterlife after his unexpected demise,  leaving his new-found sweetheart, family, and radio fans stunned.  Now Frank finds himself in a sort of purgatory, needing to make  amends for personal shortcomings in order to gain eternal  salvation.

While finding his way around the afterlife, Frank is able to host  his own radio show and is flabbergasted by the identity of some of  his callers: Adolf Hitler, Margaret Sanger, John Lennon, among  many other notables also eager to gain salvation.

Frank finally picks up the challenge to go back to gain his  salvation but it’s different than he had imagined. However, it’s  all part of what makes Frank so “Unusual.”

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“The Unusual Frank White Man”, by Steve Horner – 694 pages, 2.7 MB

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