C.U.N.T. Can’t Understand Normal Thinking


C.U.N.T. Can’t Understand Normal Thinking is a candid look at many national afflictions most Americans are afraid to discuss.

If an uppity Muslim who’s a U.S. representative from Michigan can get away with publicly calling our fine president a motherfucker while drawing huge laughter from her audience, and the niece of Senate Minority Leader, Charles Schumer, not be called out for calling the president’s daughter a feckless cunt from a comedy stage, then I guess my acronym-titled book should appear relatively tame, but it’s anything but tame. And, even though you might not appreciate facing it, you’ll know that nearly every word of it is true. However, to employ a popular axiom of life, if the parched horse is too stupid to drink, then I simply shrug, grab my saddle and bed roll, and let the unfortunate dumb animal die of thirst.

-Steve Horner



The following spiteful threat is typical backlash from today’s arrogant and vindictive feminists whenever anybody challenges and scrutinizes their family-and-society busting policies and agendas:

Mr.Horner, your book is rude, brash, horribly insulting, and as women become stronger in this society, we’re going to get rid of jerks like you.
-Grace Harkness, Minnesota Women’s Consortium, an ultra-feminist organization in St. Paul, Mn. Phone: 651-583-7770.

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