Confused about today’s world? Of course you are, and why wouldn’t you be? Not much of it makes sense anymore. That’s because hypocritical and counter-productive public policies are primary signatures of C.U.N.T.s. They can drive you right over the top like Thelma and Louise.

Throughout history all sorts of human categories have been discussed and dissected in comparing differences: race, ancestry, religion, income, age, and others. But never, until C.U.N.T. – SEQUENCES, have gender differences been so openly discussed in a way that examines the inherent strengths and weaknesses of today’s modern woman who’s being instilled into positions of public policymaking armed with her new-found power and authority.

To say C.U.N.T. – SEQUENCES is misogynistic is wrong; if anything it’s patriotic. Yes, the naive individual might initially find it shocking, while others might see it as absurd, maybe slightly humorous. Cynics will view it as regrettable, infuriating, maybe even archaic. However, astute men and women will appreciate its boldness and feel empowered with a sense of gratitude for its revelations.

Inside C.U.N.T. – SEQUENCES you and every other reader will run into at least one allegorical narrative, probably many more, that will strike a personal chord. It’ll begin to persuade you to understand and believe what I am professing. You’ll then know I am right about this volatile topic, and that you, too, have been right about it all along. Thrilling? Just wait!

Get the whole story with my sequel to C.U.N.T.: C.U.N.T. – SEQUENCES, to be available on this site by fall, 2021.

— Steve Horner