Half of Us Can’t Understand Normal Thinking E-Book


HALF of US Can’t Understand Normal Thinking is a candid look at many national afflictions most Americans are afraid to discuss.

I’ve known Steve Horner since our early days together in South
Minneapolis, and I’ve never known him to be wrong about ANYTHING.

-John Champion Saunders;
former publisher of the 100-year-old
Construction Bulletin, Minneapolis



The following spiteful threat is typical backlash from today’s arrogant and vindictive feminists whenever anybody challenges and scrutinizes their family-and-society busting policies and agendas:

Mr.Horner, your book is rude, brash, horribly insulting, and as women become stronger in this society, we’re going to get rid of jerks like you.
-Grace Harkness, Minnesota Women’s Consortium, an ultra-feminist organization in St. Paul, Mn. Phone: 651-228-0338.

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“Half of Us Can’t Understand Normal Thinking”, by Steve Horner – 113pages, 811KB

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