Eighteen Ways to Identify a Patriotit

patriotit#1. The guy drinking at the bar who says to the talkative stranger, "The unspoken rule here is any talk of politics and religion is not allowed," which means the guy is afraid to let his true feelings about anything meaningful be heard in public.
#2. The chivalrous legislator who says, "We can't really afford the spending increases but, after all, it's for our children," which means he's kowtowing to liberals for favors: sex, money, power, or all three.
#3. The husband who says, "I don't agree with my wife's exorbitant spending habits, but I don't want to stir up discontent at home by making a big deal out of it," which means his wife wears the pants in the family regarding all important matters including the handling of their children.
#4. The citizen who says, "I pay my taxes but other than that I don't want to get involved with politics, school boards, crime control, and the like," which means this person is lazy, apathetic, cowardly, and ignorant regarding the importance of the age-old American adage of protecting liberty by being ever vigilant.
#5. The neighbor who says, "Sure I'm flying my flag today; it's the 4th! Where's yours?" which means when it comes to protecting liberty, waving a Chinese-made American-made flag once a year is all it takes.
#6. The pompous white woman who tells the man of European ancestry, "You've always had it made; you don't know what it's like to be raised in poverty," which means she believes that because of her female-ingrained sentimentalism she is endowed with a keener insight into the human struggle.
#7. The newspaper columnist who writes a story based on pre-conceived bias and prejudices in order to sell her point of view to the public which means she's a liberal and she wants to convince the reader to also be a liberal.
#8. The cop who knowingly lies about crime numbers being down while siding with the lies of his superiors for the sake of his job security which means this man is cowardly and ignorant and deserves to reap the results of the lies he has sown by putting money ahead of his morals.
#9. The reader who casually dismisses the credibility of Steve Horner's new docu-novel, The rise of the American Patriotit, as merely the rantings of yet another angry white guy which means this weak-spined person has been brain-washed and is being nose led by bitter, anti-male feminists who are trying to delegitimize Horner's docu-novel.
#10. The African American man who fails to attend annual Memorial Day services by claiming, "Man, this ain't my country," which means, in reality, he has failed to do his homework and has succumbed to laziness and ignorance regarding patriotism.
#11. The person who fails to pay his/her fair taxes by rationalizing, "The taxes are already too high," or fails to lend his/her time for volunteer work by rationalilzing, "It's not my problem," which means this person needs to get involved and learn how good it feels to make positive differences from within the system.
#12. The occassional voter who proudly proclaims, "Personnally, I believe abortion is murder, but I also believe in the rights of a
woman to control her own body," which means, "I want my cake and eat it too."
#13. The cheating spouse who betrays her soldier husband serving overseas which means this woman will never again be able to enjoy a war movie portraying a loyal wife back home supporting her husband without experiencing guilt pangs.
#14. The wife who tells her husband, "You gotta start acting like a man," which means, "You gotta start acting the way I want you to act whenever I want you to act that way, and if you act too much like a woman, which is what I mostly prefer, I'll think of you as a wimp."
#15. Mr. Macho in the pink shirt who proudly proclaims, "I'm man enough to wear pink," which means Mr. Macho has been suckered into supporting angry, anti-male,pro-abortion feminist groups who have taken up the color pink as their battle standard. Pink is no longer the color of sweetness and femininity. Pink has become the color of death. And if you think this is an exaggeration just check out the mad, distorted rhetoric at some of the current pink dot com websites, and don't overlook the self-professed "queen of anti-love," Pink.
#16. The suburban woman who's pissin', moanin' and parroting right-wing talk shows regarding the decay of America now that the big dog is crapping in her back yard(high taxes and crime too close to home)which means she should have been more vigilant and vocal years ago when the big dog was merely circling her neighborhood.
#17. The parent who has latched onto the conspiracy theory that ADHD, autism, childhood diabetes and the like are inherent personal maladies which means the parent is passing off the job of responsible parenting to others.
#18. The hard-working, successful businessman who publicly justifies his riches by saying, "Well, I've been very lucky in my life," which means, "In reality, luck had nothing to do with my success; I've worked my ass off to get to where I am today. I just want to appear to others as being humble."
Now that you can correctly identify a patriotit, read Steve Horner's new docu-novel, The Rise of the American Patriotit, and see how patriotits are responsible for the country's deterioration and why the situation will continue to get worse before it gets better.