“It is strange that as the whole world seems to be marching blindfolded toward the edge of the cliff, it is those who run in the opposite direction who are often marked as insane”

-C.S. Lewis, summing up a common dilemma of the “crazy” Steve Horner

E-Books by Steve Horner:


Dear Folks E-Book

$9.95 $5.95

Dear Folks… Typical of Steve Horner’s full line of self-written books, Dear  Folks…is engaging, candid, provocative, and will prove to be  especially helpful and insightful for those who served.

Steve Horner’s memoir, Dear folks…has an immediacy and
verisimilitude (impresses the reader as being truthful) lacking
in other memoirs by other infantrymen. Very different, especially
in format and honesty. Rough going at first until I got used to
reading his handwriting (personal letters). Once I got past that,
the experience was totally pleasurable, and I felt that I really
got to know Steve Horner and his unique point of view on American

-David Wilson
Books in Review which runs in the VVA Veteran, the national
magazine of Vietnam Veterans of America



Tackling Single Parenting E-Book

$9.95 $5.95

Feeling troubled with the challenges of single parenting? Get the support you need today by reading Steve Horner’s personal single-parenting guide:

Dear Mr. Steve Horner,
Thank you very much for the gift of your book. My gratitude is my
prayer for you and for your sons. Teach them to pray; for, a
family that prays together, stays together in God’s love. May
your book help many parents to deepen their understanding of the
fact that it is in giving that we receive, in loving that we are
loved. Let us pray.

-Mother Teresa of Calcutta;
canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, September 4th,
2016. Letter and Mother’s signature verified by Sisters of the
Visitation, Eagan, Mn.


Half of Us Can’t Understand Normal Thinking E-Book

$9.95 $5.95

HALF of US Can’t Understand Normal Thinking is a candid look at many national afflictions most Americans are afraid to discuss.

I’ve known Steve Horner since our early days together in South
Minneapolis, and I’ve never known him to be wrong about ANYTHING.

-John Champion Saunders;
former publisher of the 100-year-old
Construction Bulletin, Minneapolis

Steve Horner stands up for his civil rights on FOX 5 News, Las Vegas.

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Steve Horner tells ’em like it is with his new and revised four-minute American Man. Written, produced, and performed by Steve Horner.

The American Man is fashioned after Gordon Sinclair’s The Americans.

Interview with Lane Ronnow
St. George, Utah

Steve Horner’s interview with Lane Ronnow aired October 2018 on the Community Education Channel, St. George, Utah