“It is strange that as the whole world seems to be marching blindfolded toward the edge of the cliff, it is those who run in the opposite direction who are often marked as insane”

-C.S. Lewis, summing up a common dilemma of the “crazy” Steve Horner

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Dear Folks E-Book

$9.95 $5.95

Dear Folks… Typical of Steve Horner’s full line of self-written books, Dear  Folks…is engaging, candid, provocative, and will prove to be  especially helpful and insightful for those who served.


Steve Horner stands up for his civil rights on FOX 5 News, Las Vegas.

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Steve Horner tells ’em like it is with his new and revised four-minute American Man. Written, produced, and performed by Steve Horner.

The American Man is fashioned after Gordon Sinclair’s The Americans.