"It is strange that as the whole world seems to be marching blindfolded toward the edge of the cliff, it is those who run in the opposite direction who are often marked as insane."

-C.S.Lewis, summing up a common dilemma of the "crazy" Steve Horner


"Tackling SINGLE PARENTING From a Man's Point of View"


FACE THE FACTS PEOPLE, most of you single parents aren't getting the job done-you're letting your families down. What you need is a hard-working, experienced, pragmatic man on your team, and that's what my personal parenting guide will provide: practical help and support to ensure that you and your family not only survive, but thrive. - Steve Horner



The first edition of Horner's parenting book was published in 1996 and won praise from many parenting experts including Wade Horn, Ph.D.,founder of The National Fatherhood Initiative who wrote, "At last! A parenting book for men and women written from the father's perspective. Entertaining and devoid of 'psycho-babble,' Horner's guide offers a highly personal account of the struggles every single parent faces, with lots of practical tips for helping children grow up to become well-adjusted adults. A must-read for those embarking upon the challenges of single parenting."


WARNING! Steve Horner's parenting guide might anger some readers who believe increased government spending on thousands of harmful and enabling social programs is a key ingredient for building and sustaining effective and productive families in America. Instead, Horner credits the power and strength of the inherent human spirit for its ability to rise to the occasion of overcoming the challenges of single parenting.


This third, updated edition is copyrighted 2011 and offers the reader a unique then-and-now perspective of the challenges of single parenting.


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Wondering why pedophilia occurs? Get the answers today by reading Steve Horner's documentary on child abuse:

"The Boys of Wagon Wheel Stables"


  • Steve Horner presents straightforward problems and solutions in curtailing the rise of child sexual abuse in this insightful narrative portrayal. 

  • Dear Steve: Thank you for your strength and courage in writing your book, The Boys of Wagon Wheel Stables, and contacting the Minnesota Legislators. I believe those efforts were part of us
    ultimately getting the Child Victim Act passed. Children are safer because you and people like you have the courage to stand up and break the silence. Thank you.

  • -Michael Finnegan, a senior attorney for Jeff Anderson and Associates, one of America's foremost legal voices in the defense of children against child abuse; located in St.Paul, Mn. Phone: 651-227-9990.

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Steve Horner stands up for his civil rights on FOX 5 News, Las Vegas.



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"The Unusual Frank White Man"

  • Steve Horner's docu-novel: After being murdered, talk-show agitator, Frank White, is granted one last earthly shot at attaining eternal salvation.
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  • "HALF of US"

    Horner's new book, HALF of US Can't Understand Normal Thinking, is now for sale on this site. HALF of US Can't Understand Normal Thinking is a candid look at many national afflictions most Americans are afraid to discuss.

  • The following spiteful threat is typical backlash from today's arrogant and vindictive feminists whenever anybody challenges and scrutinizes their family-and-society busting policies and agendas:


    Mr.Horner, your book is rude, brash, horribly insulting, and as women become stronger in this society, we're going to get rid of jerks like you.


    -Grace Harkness, Minnesota Women's Consortium, an ultra-feminist organization in St. Paul, Mn. Phone: 651-228-0338.

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  • Help your employees be
    more effective with balancing their work-and-family obligations by
    clicking: balancingmyworkandfamily.com




men-Stand Up


Steve Horner tells 'em like it is with his new and revised four-minute American Man. Written, produced, and performed by Steve Horner.


The American Man is fashioned after Gordon Sinclair's The Americans.